New Pet Sites from Think Fish

25th May 2013

Think Fish is expanding. Say a big hello to our fellow pet keepers with Think Animals, Think Cats, Think Woof, and Think Reptiles

Think Fish started out way back in 2004 as a hobby site designed to provide quality information on keeping tropical fish (Something sorely lacking at the time)

The site has grown into a huge resource and despite many ups and downs, has remained one of the most popular fish keeping sites around.
At the start of 2012 a decision had to be made about the sites future.

We decided that the best way to ensure that Think Fish remained the best fish keeping site on the internet now and in the future was to perform a complete re-design - a time consuming and costly exercise.

By expanding our horizons, and transferring the same ideals of quality content and useful information, we can ensure financial viability and the future development of Think Fish.

Think Fish as a free-to-use resource does not generate enough income from advertising alone, but with several sites together we can afford to spend all our efforts on developing and improving the sites.

Throughout 2013 we will be developing a number of pet sites to join the family, all under the name of 'Think Fish Media'

If you are interested in, or already keep, cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, small animals, reptiles, amphibians or land invertebrates, visit one of our brand new sites (and help us out by adding them to your social media!!)

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New 'Think' Pet Sites

25th May 2013

Now joining Think Fish are four new pet sites - Think Animals, Cats, Woof, and Reptiles.

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