Shopping list for your new cat

Before you collect your new cat, you will need to have everything ready. The 'new cat shopping list' below should help

Kitten with shopping trolley

Whether you think you've got all you need for your new cat, or are just starting out, theres bound to be something in the list below you've not thought of!
If your new cat or kitten is used to any particular types or brands of these items (such as food, litter etc..) it is best to stick to the those types at first. Once the cat is settled you can start to change items or brands as you wish. Making sure you have all these items before your new cat or kitten arrives will make the settling in period easier for you and the cat.

  • Litter tray + litter

    Try to use the same type of litter the cat is used to at first
  • Scoop & bags

    For removing litter tray waste
  • Cleaning cloths or wipes

    A towel, cloth, or baby wet wipes are quite useful for cleaning muddy paws or removing objects from fur
  • Scratching post

    Essential if you want to keep your furniture intact!
  • Toys

  • Bed / bedding material

    If the cat already has some bedding (which has the cats scent) it will be preferred to new bedding. Use separate bedding for transportation.
  • Carrying cage

  • Medications

    You will need some kind of anti-flea & parasite treatment - ask your vet for advice.
  • Food/water bowls & mats

  • Wet & dry foods & treats

  • Grooming brushes / combs

  • Vaccination & microchip records

    The previous owner should have these
  • Vet address and telephone number

    You can obtain these from the previous owner, although you may wish to find a more local vet.
  • Insurance

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