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General Discussion / Cat photos
« on: March 11, 2014, 03:38:36 PM »
Think I've managed to attach some pics on my boys!! 


General Discussion / I'll go first then!!
« on: February 23, 2014, 09:11:08 PM »

I thought I'd post and see if I can encourage some others to get in on the action to, so I'm going to ramble generally about me and my cats!!

I have had a rather privileged life regarding cats, as I worked for 15 years in an animal rehoming centre and all of my cats (8 in total) have come from there.  I have done lots of courses in cat behaviour and used to deal with peoples cat behaviour issues all the time at work. Over the years I have learnt all about cats and now consider myself to know them back to front.

I currently have two cats. Both rescue cats, both black.

Lemmy is my oldest and is a DSH (Domestic Shorthair) and is now 14 years old. I have had him since he was 6 weeks old. He came into the centre with his mum and litter mates (not sure why now!) but it was clear quite quickly that he and his sister were not as strong as the others, so I took them home to hand rear them. Sadly his sister died after a couple of days but Lem has grown into a big, handsome boy and has never had anything wrong with him!! The only trips to vets with him are for routine vaccinations.
He is a real snuggle bum and follows me everywhere!!!  He tells me off if I don't sit down and have a cuddle after he has had his breakfast!!  He is quite a shy boy and really only  lets me, my husband and my son touch him but he is definitely a mummys boy!!!

Nicko is 10 years old and is a DLH (Domestic Longhair), in fact I'm convinced he has Persian in him!!!  He also came to the centre where I worked as a baby, only 12 weeks old and was in such poor condition he had to be shaved completely and bathed several times to remove fleas, lice, ticks, mites and just about every other parasite you can imagine. He was, after a couple of weeks, giving up I think and I was caring for him one day when my manager and the vet came to see him and discuss his progress. He was very close to be euthanased (the shelter where I worked ONLY euthanased sick animals that were beyond help and where it was considered that they were suffering) as he would not eat, had very bad diarrhoea and rarely got out of his bed but I said I would take him home and see if he perked up.  I remember getting him a little tartan dog coat to wear as he was completely bald (except his head and feet!!) and I took him home.  He picked up quickly and was soon a normal, happy kitten playing and having a fuss and eating like there was no tomorrow.

In both cases I couldn't bear to part with my boys so I adopted them. All my other cats (now deceased, sadly) had similar stories but I won't tell them all now!!!!

I hope to meet lots of other catty people here and share stories of our wonderful feline friends. I wouldn't be without mine!! Will attempt to attach photos of them in due course!!


(also known as fishcake76 - if you are part of the think fish website, you'll know who I am! ;))

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