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Title: Pedigree Breeds!
Post by: Think Cat Ems on March 06, 2014, 03:45:43 PM
Does anyone out there have a pedigree breed cat? I've heard they pose a whole different set of problems to your average moggy. Cats I've had in the past with pedigree heritage (a show standard pedigree mumma cat, for example) have had problems as a result of this.

Anyone own any pedigree cats? Any problems, solutions, or experiences?  ^-^
Title: Re: Pedigree Breeds!
Post by: kitty_cat on March 07, 2014, 02:14:13 PM
I have seen lots of pedigrees and dealt with their health issues over my years in animal welfare.

Spynx cats who need to wear jumpers in the winter and sun cream in the summer and need regular baths to keep their skin in good condition. Persians with flat faces who can't breathe properly and have constantly runny eyes. In some cases who even struggle to eat properly!

I don't have anything against breeders, I've met a lot of those to and they love cats. I just think sometimes the human race needs to stop and think ahead before we go making life changing decisions on behalf of other spieces.   :o

Title: Re: Pedigree Breeds!
Post by: Think Cat Ems on March 08, 2014, 12:55:19 PM
Think I am inclined to agree with you Kitty_Cat, as a cat lover I think certain breeds are beautiful but i do also think that when it comes to a cat's health, that should be paramount! It is the same with many dogs too but I don't hear it talked about as much with cat breeds, I wonder if you have found the same working with more than just cats?

For example, I know some dogs are bred to be hypoallergenic...Does anyone know of any cat breeds which are less prone to shedding/causing allergies? And if this is known to cause any problems for the cat itself?

Title: Re: Pedigree Breeds!
Post by: kitty_cat on March 08, 2014, 02:54:03 PM

Breeds of cat suggested for allergy sufferers are sphynx cats as they are hairless and devon and cornish rex  as they have very short, fine ,curly hair that doesn't tend to shed .

Title: Re: Pedigree Breeds!
Post by: Think Cat Ems on March 11, 2014, 11:54:34 AM

Thanks KC!

This is useful (having spent the weekend back with the cats being constantly snotty, and coming home and feeling fine, I think I'm a little allergic. This will never stop me from putting my face in cats fur. Worth the pain for proper cat cuddles, i think)

I think sphynx cats are strangely beautiful, but i know even some die hard cat lovers find them unnerving..poor kitties, they do get a bad rap.

Title: Re: Pedigree Breeds!
Post by: kitty_cat on March 11, 2014, 03:14:23 PM
I ADORE sphinx cats!!!  They are so soft and warm - much warmer than a cat with fur (nearly typed furry pussy then but thought better of it - almost!!! ;))

We had one at the shelter once called Gandalf and when he used to run up and down the corridor he looked like a naked little old man - all wrinkly and baggy!!!!  (not that I've ever seen a naked old man I hasten to add!!!)

He loved being up on your shoulders which was lovely as he was like a super-heated scarf but not so lovely as he used to do what I call bum-facing (I'm sure you can work this out) and when they are hairless it's a bit more - how can I put it - in your face!!!!!! :D :D

I think another breed may be the Selkirk rex and possibly the American wirehair as they have shorter fur too.

There are some productd that you can get to help with normal cat fur allergies. A good one is Petal Cleanse which you apply to the cats coat and it removes the allergens.  See link:

Not sure this is the cheapest place to get it but I was on this website getting some cat food!!! lol!

 :purrcat:   <-- love this puss-cat!
Title: Re: Pedigree Breeds!
Post by: Think Cat Ems on March 11, 2014, 04:47:32 PM
This is FABULOUS I am going to search around for where I can get this cheaper, and you only apply it once a week! I was worried it'd be an everyday thing which would surely be annoying for most pets, but this is great.


this thread has made my day!!

Thanks KC :3

Also: hahaha "bum-facing" :')

Title: Re: Pedigree Breeds!
Post by: Resa on March 14, 2014, 05:49:50 PM
Hi All,

Amongst the 11 moggs I have at the moment is Dawson, my beautiful Maine Coon pudtat. He is the second of the breed we have been lucky enough to share our lives with. He is completely gorgeous and they are such a gentle, loving cat. Floyd, my first MC, was equally gentle and I have never known either of them to draw their claws on anything or anyone. My grand-daughter adores Dawson and he her. Sadly, we lost Floyd at the age of only 10 due to FIV. He was my constant companion and I was completely heartbroken when we had to have him put to sleep. I don't think I would ever be without a Coonie now, they are just so loyal and affectionate.
I have also had rescue cats of persian, half-persian, burmese and my son has a rescue boy who is half Ragdoll and half MC. He is also extremely gentle and cuddly and happily allows my other grand-daughter, who is only 4. to comb him, carry him around over her arm and to sit him down with her teddies for a tea party.
I shouldn't like anyone to think that we only have pedigrees....that is far from true. Only the MC's have been specially chosen, all our other pudtats have been rescues or kittens found abandoned. We live in France where this is a very common practice unfortunately :(
Anyway, Dawson, (touchwood) has always been very fit and strong and the only vet attention he has needed...other than jabs etc, was when he was a small kitten and he nearly gave me a heart attack when he fell from the mezzanine landing over our sitting room. He used to like to slalom in and out of the banisters, ( a bit like a border collie at the dog trials :o). Unfortunately, he broke his right front leg and had to have it set and plastered :( These animals are such a worry sometimes, but we wouldn't be without them, would we?
Well, enough waffling on, I'll introduce the others to you...hopefully with some piccies, one by one.

I wish you all much ronning, (the french word for purring ???)
Title: Re: Pedigree Breeds!
Post by: Think Cats on March 15, 2014, 11:34:01 AM
Wow Resa!11 mogs, and all those fish  ( tease them with too!

I'm liking the word pudtat too :D  :purrcat:
Title: Re: Pedigree Breeds!
Post by: Think Cat Ems on March 15, 2014, 01:19:26 PM
Pudtat is my new fave cat word too.

Resa - yes, pictures please! I am going on holiday to Morocco soon where my aunt feeds 11 outdoor cats, I may need some tips!

As for pedigrees, it's great to know that you can have mixes with no problems due to their breeding. It is very reassuring, especially if you get rescue cats where you don't have much choice in their heritage, and just want to give them a good home and lots of cuddles :)

My mum is planning to move to France where she has a house, what is the pet healthcare like over there?
Title: Re: Pedigree Breeds!
Post by: Resa on March 17, 2014, 01:31:09 AM

My mum is planning to move to France where she has a house, what is the pet healthcare like over there?

Hi Ems,
It's probably a bit like the UK, I would guess...some good vets, some not so. We are really lucky in that our vet is an English lady, who also looks after the local cat rescue pudtats. She also does housecalls which is really useful come booster time as it saves me doing the marathon of getting 11 mogs rounded up, (how DO they know when a vet trip is imminent ???) and off to her surgery. She has known many of our cats since they were teeny as obviously, she had treated them for one thing or another when they were at the rescue centre...some of them arriving there at 3 weeks of age!
We also have 2 dogs, (and our son, who moved over to join us about 18 months ago came with his mad 3 altogether ???) one of which is an Italian Spinone. Diana, our vet also has one, so it was really good to have a vet who completely understands and loves this breed. Of course, for Enzo (our spinny) it was lovely to find the vet had one as well especially as she is a young lady named Ella....they love one another! If we have to go away, which is as rare as hens teeth, Enzo goes and stays with Diana and his spinny girlfriend.
The vet we used years ago when on holiday, asked us what date we would like to him to put on our dog's passport :o Probably not what the UK customs people had anticipated when they put the pet passport system in place.
So, like I said, there are vets and then there are vets. Dawson had the absolute latest treatment for his broken arm in a really swanky vet hospital.
I don't know what area of France your mum is moving to, but I would suggest she asks around among any English people she knows there and reads the local English magazines (if there are any). More difficult, should she need one, are catteries and doggeries...if our area is anything to go by. They are definitely not what we would expect and very few would pass muster to most animal lovers :o
Title: Re: Pedigree Breeds!
Post by: Think Cat Ems on March 17, 2014, 11:29:09 AM
Thanks Resa! That's great to hear, and reassuring. Her place is in the South West, I will tell her to look around and ask people in the commune! :))

Title: Re: Pedigree Breeds!
Post by: Resa on March 18, 2014, 02:34:54 AM
  Her place is in the South West,

Hi Ems,
Spooky...that's where we are :)
Title: Re: Pedigree Breeds!
Post by: Think Cat Ems on March 21, 2014, 01:03:52 PM
Hi Resa!

Small world! It's very lovely there. So pleased to know that kitties can be cared for well there if need be too! <3