Author Topic: Cat Tail Meanings For Behaviour and Cat mood  (Read 19793 times)

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Cat Tail Meanings For Behaviour and Cat mood
« on: March 08, 2014, 09:10:10 AM »
Read a nice article about Cat tails here this morning.

Contented   Tail curves down and then up a the tip.
This is a peaceful contented cat.

Curious & interested   Tail slightly raised and gently curved

Interested & friendly   Tail held vertical but with tip tilting over.
The cat is in a greeting mood but is slightly cautious

Happy   Tail held vertical, tip stiffly held upright.
The cat is ready and willing to greet, with no reservations.

After greeting you   Tail held vertically and quivering.
This is a friendly hello! It is the same action when the cat sprays, he may omit a scent when he does this but this in inconclusive.

Unhappy   Tail lowered, maybe even between legs.
This is a signal of submission, feeling lowly and defeated

Fearful   Tail held low and puffed out
Defensive   Tail arched and bristling.
This is also a cat ready to defend itself if pushed. A cat will always puff itself up when challenged to try and make itself appear bigger and scare the challenger.

Aggressive   Tail held straight and bristling.
This is the sign of aggression

Conflict   Tail swishing violently side to side.
The sign of conflict in its most angry state, usually a sign that the cat is about to attack.

Irritation   Tail still with tip twitching.
A state of mild irritation. But if the tip becomes more vigorous this mean the cat is becoming more bad tempered.

Sexual   Tail held to one side.
Usually performed by the female. This is an invitation to the male when she is ready to be mounted.

Would your understandings tally with these?


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Re: Cat Tail Meanings For Behaviour and Cat mood
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2014, 01:16:46 PM »
These seem to match for Harry, although seemingly he only has limited moods: hungry, cross, sleepy, and happy. There is one tail action we like to call the "question mark" tail, and we like to think he does this when he's curious or content. It is literally a big hanging ? in the air, and is very cute!

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Re: Cat Tail Meanings For Behaviour and Cat mood
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2014, 06:19:18 PM »
Ah yes the ? tail, as demonstrated by Ziggy yesterday when we had visitors. It seemed like a 'Hello guests I'm Ziggy!' as  the tip of his tail curled over a small table and dangled close to the nibbles on offer. It had an element of curiosity coupled with a playful greeting. He is like clockwork regarding the 'tickle on the tum during Corrie' time. Whats starts as gentle play will end up with Ziggy gripping my hand and gently gnawing at first. This will be followed by more robust playfulness and will end with a 'fangs drawn' nip!! Every night? Crazy.


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